Baby Sleeping Bags

When looking for a baby gift you come across this odd looking thing in the baby aisle. It looks like a pillowcase with a vest on the top. This is a baby sleeping bag, it is also known as a sleep sack or a swaddle sack. These are great little things for any weather as you can get them in different material weights. It means you can have your child wear a light sleeper on under this and they do not need a blanket which could cover their face or wrap around them to stay warm.

Sleeping tight

These bags have gained popularity recently with all the mentions of sleep safety. Gone are the days of countless blankets, pillows and other things which could potentially suffocate your baby or cause SIDS. This eliminates the need for anything that would be loose or could strangle or choke the child and also can not be kicked off therefore making sure their feet stay toasty warm all night long.

A lot of children also like these as some of them are designed to hug the baby quite snugly. This helps the baby feel safe and secure as though their mother were holding them meaning they sleep sounder and wake less allowing their parents some time to relax and sleep.

What to look for in a Baby Sleeping Bag

These bags come in many different materials and designs. There are some which are just a sack with holes for the arms and legs, others wrap and secure the arms against the baby’s sides and are much snugger. Some of the sleeping bags are a combination of the two. They are commonly made of cotton or fleece to allow for breathability and warmth.

Some things to take into consideration are:

  • What age/size is the sleeping bag made for?
    • You want to make sure that if you are buying a sleeping bag for a baby that the bag is small enough to fit them yet large enough to last them plenty of use. Some are designed for 0-3 months yet only go to 10 pounds, if the baby was born at 9 pounds and was very long, this would not last them long at all, it would probably be best to use the next size up.
  • What time of year is this designed for?
    • Some of the heavier blankets such as the fleece ones really are not versatile and although they are wonderful for winter, they are not appropriate for summer. A cotton one is more versatile in that it can be used in any weather.
  • What climate do you live in?
    • If you live in an area where it is cold a good portion of the year then perhaps a fleece sleeping bag may be the ideal option, and sleeves may be a good idea as well to ensure their little arms do not get cold.
  • How easy is it to put the baby in?
    • Some of these are very straight forward yet others you need to follow rather complicated instructions. Remember babies move and struggle and therefore the easier it is to put them in it, the better.

Baby sleeping bags can be purchased anywhere that has a baby department and will come in a variety of styles and materials. This is a great gift for new parents and their precious little ones.

Teething Toys

Teething toys are toys that babies use to help them adjust to the teething process, they undergo as they become toddlers. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on teething toys since most toy stores sell these at discount or decent regular prices. One of the benefits of a teething toy is to soothe some of the baby’s pain and discomfort while teething so before you buy the toys you should read reviews to ensure that they serve this purpose well.

Tips on Buying Teething Toys Wisely

Watch out for teething toys that have finishes on them that could be toxic because this may harm the baby, and you should avoid teething toys that are too small to put in the baby’s mouth as this is a choking hazard. Never purchase teething toys with liquid in them because your baby could digest some of it if the toy has a hole in it. Don’t buy teething toys that contain BPA because this chemical harms your child’s brain development as he gets older.

Cleaning Teething Toys

You’ll need to clean teething toys frequently because your child’s germs get on the toys after constant usage and there are times when the baby will drop his teething toy around the house. When cleaning the toys, clean them according to package instructions.

Teething Pacifiers

If you’re traveling with your baby and he’s teething, pack a teething pacifier along with his other teething toys because the pacifiers assist him in soothing the pain while teething. Every few minutes you want to remove the pacifier from his mouth so that you can wipe off the excess saliva since babies often drool more when teething.

Shape Of Teething Toy Is Also Important

When you buy a teething toy you need to consider the shape because the best teething toy is one that is easy for the baby to hold to reduce irritation from the baby as he struggles to hold the toy to his mouth.


Teething is an important part of your baby’s life and with the right teething toys, your baby’s pain will gradually cease. Keep the toys out of reach of pets because they like to nibble on toys and if you’re not careful, the baby will get a hold of the toy that the dog nibbled on and this will cause problems for the baby. Clean the toys periodically and also use other methods of relieving the baby’s discomfort in addition to the toys. Finally, never let the baby sleep with the toy in his mouth as this can lead to choking.

Feeling inspired? Here is a list of the top ten teething toys.

Breast Pumps

A breast pump may seem like a strange gift to buy someone else, but this could well be the best baby gift that the new mom receives. Good quality, hospital grade breast pumps are not cheap, but they are simply the best. This gift is not one that will sit at the back of the cupboard gathering dust. It will be the most treasured gift the person receives.

Breast Milk is Best for Babies

The best possible thing that a mom can do for their baby is to breastfeed them. Breast milk and breast feeding have so many proven benefits to both moms and bubs. It is not always easy to breastfeed. Sometimes, moms have milk supply problems, or they need to return to work. A good quality breast pump can ensure that both of these issues do not mean the end of the breastfeeding relationship.

Breast Pumps Can Help with Milk Supply Issues

If the mother is having problems with her milk coming in, she has premature babies or she is struggling to produce enough milk, a good quality breast pump can help with all of these issues. However, an average electric or manual pump will not be able to help much. This is why a good quality hospital grade breast pump like these are essential. They are designed to be powerful and comfortable enough to help moms establish, increase and sustain their supply.

A Breast Pump Can Ensure Breast Milk for Baby When Mom Returns to Work

It is a shame when kids have to stop enjoying all the benefits of breast milk when their moms return to work. With a good quality breast pump, this does not have to be the case. A hospital grade breast pump is great for working moms as it ensures a quick pump time. It will also help keep her milk supply up. Many moms who pump with cheaper pumps when they return to work, often find their breast milk supply dwindling. This is not the case for users of hospital grade ones.

Breast Pumps Mean That Dad Can Also Feed the Baby

One of the many benefits of using a breast pump is that it means that dad can also have a turn at feeding the baby. This is a great bonding time for them. It is also a great alternative if mom is not getting enough sleep or is sick and the baby is waking a lot. This way mom can get some extra sleep while dad helps out the baby still gets the benefit of breast milk. It also means that mom can get out alone occasionally and not have to worry about the baby being hungry and needing her to feed them.

Breast Pumps are Essential for Premature Births

When a baby is born premature, often they have to spend awhile at the hospital and are not yet able to feed at the breast. A good quality breast pump not only helps mom establish a breast milk supply, but also means that the premature baby can also still get the benefits of their mom’s milk. This is more important than ever in the case of premature babies who often have low immune systems and ill health.


A good quality, hospital grade breast pump makes a fabulous gift for a new baby and mom. They are not a cheap item, so often parents can not afford them on top of everything else they need to buy, so this can make them perfect. Many first time parents also do not realise all the benefits of having a high quality breast pump, but they are sure to be very thankful once they start using it regularly. Breast pumps are easy to maintain and clean and often come with warranties. They can be bought online or in the local baby shop.

Organic Baby Clothes

Organic baby clothes are baby clothes that are manufactured with materials that would be considered organic such as bamboo or cotton. Organic baby clothes are Eco friendly and thanks to the rise in independent children’s clothing retailers, organic baby clothing is also stylish and affordable for parents to purchase. Organic baby clothing is great for a baby’s skin because of the natural fibers’ softness in this kind of baby clothing. Traditional baby clothing that contains synthetic fibers and additives could cause discomfort in the baby’s skin.

No Pesticides or Formaldehyde in Organic Baby Clothes

Another reason you should choose organic baby clothes is because unlike regular baby clothes with cotton that has been treated with pesticides and other harmful chemicals, organic baby clothes don’t contain these. As a result your baby can wear clothing safely without experiencing negative side effects to the baby’s body.

Bamboo Organic Baby Clothing

Bamboo is a natural fiber that comes from the bamboo plant and if you want good organic baby clothing, bamboo clothing is ideal because it doesn’t cause itching and skin irritation on babies’ skin.  If your baby has skin allergies, bamboo clothing is soft on the skin and it is comfortable for the baby. Another good thing about bamboo clothing is that it offers excellent protection against the sun’s harsh rays.

Organic Reusable Cloth Diapers

In an effort to help parents go green with baby clothing, some children’s retailers are selling organic reusable cloth diapers as an alternative to the regular plastic diapers that most supermarkets sell. The fun thing about these cloth diapers is that they come in beautiful colors and patterns, and they’re not hard to wash. Make sure you wash the organic cloth diapers with a non toxic liquid soap to prevent skin infections on the baby.

How To Buy Affordable Organic Baby Clothing

Most major department stores offer weekly sales of organic baby clothing and you can also visit online children’s clothing retailers to purchase the clothing. Mail order catalogs sometimes offer organic baby clothing at discount prices and if there are independent clothing boutiques in your area, inquire about any bargains they may have on this kind of clothing.

Other Good Materials Used in Organic Baby Clothing

Aside from cotton and bamboo, here are other good materials that are used in organic baby clothing. Hemp is a weed that is naturally grown and this makes the material sustainable for producing clothes. Hemp is breathable and insulates well against harsh weather elements. Linen derives from flax and it offers coolness to babies in hot weather.


If you want high quality clothing for your baby, organic baby clothing is excellent because of the above mentioned reasons. You’re also helping the environment remain a better place by purchasing organic baby clothing.  Finally, wash the clothing with gentle cleaning products for the baby’s safety.

Baby Blankets

Baby blankets do more than keep babies comfortable; they also serve as decorative pieces of the crib and you can use this as a keepsake to pass down to future generations.

There are different types of baby blankets on the market and they all serve different needs. The security blanket is a basic blanket that is primarily designed to protect and comfort a baby while the receiving blanket is a kind of blanket that can be used to wipe up stains or as a mat to place the baby on. The swaddling blanket is for use when rocking the baby to sleep.

No Sew Baby Blankets

If you’re crafty, but cannot sew well, you can make a no sew baby blanket. Start by visiting local fabric stores and purchasing different no-sew outfits, patterns to give you inspiration in creating the no sew baby blanket. Cut out a few pieces of fleece or linen fabric and cut off the fringed edges of the pieces of fleece. Finally, you would tie the fleece pieces and fringes together to create the blanket.

Here is a guide to making one yourself.

Baby Blankets Provide Protection From The Sun

One benefit of having a blanket for the baby is that the baby gets protection from the sun, rain and harsh winds outside. During the cold months thick blankets protect the baby so that he can stay warm while you’re out and about with him. In addition to putting the blanket over him, put thick socks over him so that his feet will stay warm and put a somewhat heavy coat and hat on him.

Things You Can Embroider On Baby Blankets

Now that you made your baby blankets, here are some ideas for putting embroidery designs on them if you have good sewing skills. If you have a baby girl you can embroider designs such as colorful birds, beautiful flowers, candy canes, pink balloons or sheep on the blanket. If you have a son you can embroider airplanes, footballs, baseballs, wagons, and kites on the blankets.

Printing Photos On Baby Blankets

If you want something a little more dazzling for your baby blankets, take some of your baby’s pictures to a professional graphic designer and have him print these photos on the blankets for you. The benefit of doing this is that you’ll always have a visual memory of the baby on the blankets.


Baby blankets have existed for centuries and they make heartwarming gifts for new parents. If your baby is now a toddler, don’t let those blankets go to waste because if you don’t plan to have new children soon, drop off the blankets at local Goodwill stores so that needy families can benefit from the blankets. Baby blankets are not very hard to clean and to maintain them, put them in plastic and keep them in a climate controlled closet in the house. Another idea is to take old baby blankets and create curtains out of them for the nursery if you’re having another baby.

There is also the option of an announcement blanket ot a baby sleeping bag.

Diaper Cakes

A diaper cake is popular for baby showers and with this cake, there is no food involved. Basically a diaper cake has the layers of diapers stacked together to form the shape of a birthday cake. You can stack the diaper cake as high as you like and if you’re not skilled in creating the diaper cake yourself, you can order it from a specialty shop. The benefit of diaper cakes is that you’re organizing the diapers in a neat way and the new mother will have enough diapers to last a few weeks after the baby’s birth.

Diaper Cakes Are Customizable

Another reason why diaper cakes make good gifts is because they are customizable. For example, if the theme for the baby shower is female superheroes, you can tie bows around the diaper cake that have this theme. Or if the mother to be likes nature, you can cover the diaper cake with leaves from herbs and flowers from your garden.

Tips on Creating a Diaper Cake

The first step in creating a diaper cake is to roll up each diaper with the ends open in an upwards direction. You wrap a ribbon around each rolled diaper and then you create a large bottom layer of rolled diapers. Next, have a medium sized layer of diapers in the middle and then very few diapers that form the top layer of the diaper cake. In between the layers of diapers, insert a few small items for the new baby.

Check out some of these great images to get you inspired or this instructional video of how to make a diaper cup cake!

Diaper Cakes Are Affordable

If you feel bad because you cannot buy a lavish gift for the new mother in your life, don’t feel bad because diaper cakes are affordable to buy since most gift stores offer them at decent prices. If you buy inexpensive diapers in bulk along with rubber bands, colored gift tissue, bows and ribbons, you can create a gift at a fraction of the price of most baby shower gifts.

Diaper Cakes Are Practical Gifts

While there is nothing wrong with giving the new mother a few fancy outfits, the latest baby toys, and picture books, sometimes the best gifts are the practical ones. When you give the new mother a big diaper cake you’re giving her something that she can use, especially if the new mother is on a fixed income and struggles to buy the basic necessities for the baby.


Diaper cakes are great gifts for the above mentioned reasons and this is why they’re presented often at baby showers. If you’re creating a diaper cake for a baby you do not know, it would be a good idea to ask someone close to the mother which size of diaper the baby currently wears. Decorate the cake by putting tiny jewels around the wrapping paper that the cake will be enclosed in and you can also paste photos of the baby on the wrapping paper outside of the cake along with a funny postcard to give encouragement to the new mother.

Announcement Blankets

An announcement blanket is a blanket that has the announcement of the birth of a new baby and these blankets can be purchased at toy stores, online retailers and from specialty gift shops. Announcement blankets usually come in a variety of colors and the birth announcement is monogrammed on the blanket in a fancy font and medium to large font size. A birth announcement blanket is a loving baby gift to give a new mother and her child because it is a lifetime reminder of the special day and the new mother can have it as a keepsake for years to come.  There are some beautiful examples on pinterest.

Announcement Blankets Make Good Decor

Another benefit of giving an announcement blanket as a gift is that the blanket can be used as décor for the baby’s nursery. For example, the new mother may place the blanket on the nursery wall just above the baby’s crib and in addition to the blanket she may post pictures of the baby all around the blanket.

Ideas for Creating Birth Announcement Blankets

If you make blankets at home, here are some neat ideas on creating birth announcement blankets. If the new baby is from a certain country, do research on the country and incorporate that culture into the blanket. For example, if the baby is from Mexico, you can create a blanket in colors red, white and green and then stitch the entire announcement in Spanish. Another idea is to create the blanket with a sports theme if it is a baby boy.

The Baby Can Use The Blanket for Sleeping

Since babies sleep quite a bit during the day, a personalized birth announcement blanket would make a good gift for the new mother because not only will the blanket serve as décor but it will also keep the baby comfortable as she sleeps. When purchasing a birth announcement blanket, you want to choose one that is made out of comfortable fabric. Wool, cotton and muslin are all nice fabrics for birth announcement blankets.

Birth Announcement Blankets Are Also Good Gifts for Grandparents

If you are new parents and you want to give a memorable gift to your parents for their anniversary, you can give them a birth announcement blanket with an image of the baby printed in the middle and a nice message to your parents embroidered on the blanket. Your parents will cherish the blanket and it serves as a conversation piece when they talk to others about your new baby.


Sometimes the best gifts are not toys, picture books, or more beautiful clothes although those are nice. Gifts that create the best memories are personalized ones and these include birth announcement blankets. You can create these blankets any way you want and most gift stores offer special birth announcement blankets that you can customize. As the baby gets older, you want to maintain the blanket by washing it, ironing it, folding it and then placing it in a plastic bag to keep it clean.

There is also the option of buying or making a baby blanket.